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With showrooms in Pensacola, Pace, & Fort Walton Beach, Florida Superior Granite proudly serves both residential & commercial needs for our customers since 2005. We have the largest inventory of both natural stone & quartz on the Panhandle and have curated an atmosphere where the needs of our customers come first. We travel the world in search of the highest quality natural stone slabs to bring to your home. Our skilled sales representatives look forward to assisting you with your project and the service we provide to our customers is second to none. Call or come by the showroom in your area today!

Magma Gold Granite

Magma Gold Granite is another one of the breath-taking granite colors. Bold and dramatic, with stark sweeping rivers of color flowing through the slab. Each slab will be different, of course. Another great aspect of getting book-matched slabs. You can see many great...

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Marble: Elegant and Timeless Beauty

Marble is a long-time favorite of sculptors and architects. As a matter of fact, we have been using this beautiful stone for thousands of years. Everyone is familiar with sculptures of ancient Greece and Rome. It has been used for some of the most beautiful and...

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Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are very popular. We will look at a very common comparison. Quartz countertops vs granite countertops. Do quartz countertops have advantages over granite countertops? Yes, they do. Do granite countertops have advantages over quartz countertops?...

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Kitchen Countertops

You can find kitchen countertops made of all sorts of different materials. These vary from granite to Formica. We will discuss stone countertops in this article. All stone, however, is not equal. Some are made by man and some, such as granite, are made by nature. When...

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Quartz: The Strength of Granite

Quartz is a facinating component of granite. Its scientifice name is silicon dioxide (SiO2). A chemical compound containing two parts oxygen and one part silicon. Quartz is one of the most well-known minerals and abundant minerals on earth. It also has more variations...

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Granite Colors to Delight

Granite Colors: Amazing Array Granite colors come in such an amazing array. The likelihood of not finding one that appeals to you is low. From the darkest black to the whitest of whites, the distinctly different choices are near endless. Granite Colors: Blacks Black...

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Mascarello Granite

Mascarello Granite: Exotic Beauty from Brazil Mascarello granite is a bold beautiful mix of browns, vibrant gold and soft cream colors with splashes of black. The beauty of this natural stone is really brought out by the dramatic patterns and accented by flecks of...

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