Porcelain: The Newest Product in The Countertop Game

Since opening in 2005, Superior Granite has carefully curated the largest inventory on the Gulf Coast and Panhandle. Finding and importing new materials is important to us, so much so that the owners travel all over the world to personally select the newest and best products for you, our customers. We learn all about the pros and cons and test them ourselves to verify that each option is suitable for a myriad of applications in the home. Over the last year we began importing beautiful and incredibly durable PORCELAIN slabs, and we are going to break down the pros and cons to provide you a crash course on porcelain and which areas in your home it would be best suited.

What is PORCELAIN? – Porcelain is a manufactured (or man-made) material composed mainly of a group of minerals commonly known as “China clay”. The minerals in China clay are primarily kaolinite, silica, and feldspar. The minerals combined form a white-bodied clay that is fired in a kiln at a very high heat (approximately 2381℉ to 2455℉). It is glazed giving the slab a glossy appearance with the veining or pattern on each piece. The glaze decreases the porosity of the porcelain slab which decreases the chances of staining or discoloration from spills.

Where can I use PORCELAIN? – Firing porcelain at high temperatures creates a dense product that is incredibly heat and stain resistant. The slabs are 12mm thick, much thinner than their quartz or granite counterparts, making it ideal for shower walls and fireplace surrounds. When used on countertops, the edges are mitered to give the appearance of a thicker slab while hiding the raw edge of the porcelain. Porcelain is stain resistant, heat resistant, UV ray resistant and scratch resistant so it can be used in almost any application, indoor and out.

How do you make PORCELAIN countertop edges? – As previously mentioned, porcelain slabs are approximately 12mm thick (approximately ½”) and the pattern is in the glaze. Because we want the pattern to be visible, the edges are mitered to create the appearance of a thicker slab with consistent movement and veining. While rounded edges of porcelain are not an option, the mitered edges offer a modern, clean aesthetic that works beautifully in any space.

Where can I see the PORCELAIN slabs? – Superior Granite has three convenient locations and our porcelain inventory is currently on display at our Pensacola showroom and our Ft. Walton Beach showroom. Our sales staff would love to assist you with your project and we look forward to meeting you!


Porcelain slab used in shower
Porcelain island
Porcelain island with mitered edge
Porcelain slab used in shower

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