Natural Stone Countertops: Adding Texture to Your Everyday Life

Whether renovating, remodeling, or building a new home from the ground up, technology allows us more choices than ever before in the design process. An exciting new option for natural stone countertops has emerged and is gaining in popularity as it becomes more accessible to natural stone distributors. The same way a paint color is available in a variety of finishes, natural stone can be polished, honed, or textured to your preference, giving you myriad options and looks using the same slab. We will explore the different textures available for natural stone slabs and the techniques used to obtain them.

Aside from polished stone slabs, the most common finish is HONED. When a slab is honed the surface is buffed leaving a smooth, matte finish with no texture or polish. The end result is suede-like and muted in tone. Honed finishes are most popular with marble slabs, but can be done with granite, calcite, dolomite, and quartzite slabs.

More popular in the last few years is the LEATHERED texture applied to stone surfaces. Slabs that have been leathered tend to be non-reflective and will have a unique consistency depending on the type of stone. Leathered granite has a smaller, pebble like texture while leathered quartzite will have hills and valleys reflective of the veins the slab has naturally.

The most reputable natural stone distributors may offer yet another texture option called CARESSED. The caressed texture takes a leathered finish and adds a slight polish on the plateaus of the slab. Only the hardest natural stone slabs such as granite and quartzite can be caressed, and the result is exceptionally beautiful.

The texturing process is done by placing the stone slab in a mechanized tray that fills with water, covering the surface of the slab. Next a large buffer with a series of rubber brushes moves back and forth over the slab until the desired texture is achieved. The texturing process adds a level of sophistication and a unique look to your countertops.

Superior Granite in Pensacola, Florida is the only fabricator on the Gulf Coast Panhandle that is able to texture slabs in house. The geographical area we typically service is Mobile, Alabama to Panama City, Florida but will consider areas outside of our norm depending on the projects. Stop by one of our three convenient showroom locations to see the many options we have available in textured stone or ask our sales staff about having the stone of your choice custom textured to your preference. We look forward to working with you!

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