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So, it’s time for new countertops in your kitchen or bathroom? Perhaps you’re planning to remodel. Or, you may possibly be building a new home. Either way, there are things you should look for when you search for the right company to invite into your home and provide your new countertops.

First of all, the measurements taken for your countertops need to be done by a company that implements digital templating. When measured digitally, not only can the countertops be measured to the millimeter, but once taken they can be uploaded into a computer with software that works in conjunction with a CNC machine.

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, machines are automated tools that make the fabrication of countertops easier to manage. CNC machinery makes errors in fabrication much less likely than using a manual saw. The digital template is uploaded using Auto Cad or similar software and then used by a CNC machine to fabricate your granite. Finding a company that uses the most recent and state of the art technology is paramount when choosing a fabricator and/or installer for your countertops. Most fabricators using digital technology will lay out your kitchen in Auto CAD to insure all pieces flow in the same direction and the seams match up perfectly. You should be able to review your kitchen layout prior to fabrication to ensure it’s designed to your specifications.

Finally, research is of the utmost importance. Search online for the most reputable company that does work near you. If you have friends and/or family that have had countertops installed recently ask who they used and if they would recommend that company to you. Remember that the least expensive estimate is rarely the best final product. Read the online reviews for any company you are thinking of hiring. Also, a reputable company should offer an estimate at no charge. If a company has no waitlist it is likely that they have no customers; be sure to ask why. If you do your research and read the reviews for the company you may hire, you are more likely to get the job you envisioned.

SUPERIOR GRANITE has the largest inventory on the Panhandle and three accessible locations to help you find the PERFECT countertop for your home. Please stop by our Pensacola, Pace, or Ft. Walton location and our experienced sales personnel will be happy to help you in any way we can!


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