FANTASY BROWN…”What IS this stuff?”

FANTASY BROWN – “What IS this stuff?”

If you’ve visited any reputable slab yard of late chances are you’ve seen the beautiful Fantasy Brown. As gorgeous as she is popular, Fantasy Brown is the head cheerleader of the natural stone world. It’s being used with increasing frequency because of its unique ability to pull both warm and cool tones. Many slab yards will have both a light and dark Fantasy Brown option, changing from cool, silvery veins to sweeping rivers of chocolate brown, depending on the shade. However, there is one question consistently plaguing customers in search of Fantasy Brown…what IS it?

Fantasy Brown is a natural stone that has been quarried and cut into slabs, but exactly what type of stone? Different slab yards and fabricators sell Fantasy Brown as anything from granite, marble, quartzite, and everything else under the sun. This can be overwhelming for the homeowner trying to do their due diligence and make an informed decision.


Fantasy Brown is a DOLOMITE. Dolomite is a sedimentary natural stone that is formed over time with magnesium-rich groundwater. Aesthetically, it shares many characteristics with marble, such as subtle, soft veins and light colors. However, in most applications dolomite slabs are more durable than marble and, if sealed and maintained properly, should not stain or etch as easily as marble countertops.

It is important to know what Fantasy Brown truly is before you install it in your home. Granites and quartzites are among the most durable natural stones available, so if you treat your Fantasy Brown as you would granite or quartzite you are likely to have unexpected issues over time. Ask your sales person for a sealed sample of the material you plan to use, then test it with various substances in ten-minute intervals to see how well the sample holds up.

Be realistic about how you use your space. If you have children who tend to not clean up spills or if you host a weekly happy hour at your home, you may want to use a granite, quartzite, or even quartz material in your home. If you are good about cleaning spills as they occur or maybe don’t cook much at home, Fantasy Brown dolomite could be perfect for you.

Regardless of the material, it is important to ask questions and educate yourself about what is going into your home. Insist that your slab yard/fabricator tell you the origin of the stone you are interested in using and how to keep it looking beautiful over the years. Do as much research as possible before making your final selection and you are more likely to be happy in the long run.

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