Which surface works best for you?

In the market for new countertops?

There are several factors to keep in mind to ensure you not only get the aesthetic you envision but also the material that best suits your home.
The countertop industry has steadily expanded in the types of sustainable materials available for your home. It is important that you recognize how your space is used to select a countertop that will be durable, functional, and look amazing for years to come. If you do a lot of cooking or entertain often it would be wise to use a hard, dense stone (quartzite, granite) or a manmade option (quartz, porcelain) that is easy to maintain and keep clean.
If you prefer fashion over function, you may choose a softer stone (marble, limestone) that is classically beautiful but may need additional care to maintain longevity. These surfaces will need to be sealed more often than their denser counterparts but can add an elegant appeal to your home.
When shopping for countertops be sure to ask your sales person how each material is maintained once installed in your home. It is beneficial to request a sealed sample of the stone you are interested in using. Take the sample home and experiment with foods/liquids you often use, test them in 10-minute intervals to see how well the material will hold up should you select it for your countertop.
If you are in the habit of chopping vegetables or cutting directly on the counter, a harder stone surface would be a safer option for your home. Harder stone surfaces like granite are also heat resistant and require less maintenance in general than softer stone options.
Asking questions will increase the likelihood that you get the perfect countertop for your home. Superior Granite has three convenient showrooms and experienced sales personnel who are ready to assist you with your selection.


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