I want new countertops; where do I begin?

One of the most common questions we hear from customers looking for new countertops is simply, “Where do I begin?” The process can seem daunting but it needn’t be. Superior Granite works hard to make your experience as simple and seamless as possible. We will walk through the process from start to finish so you will know what to expect.

In order for us to obtain accurate measurements of the spaces you are updating we will first schedule a template. A skilled technician will come to your home with a digital templating machine to map out the exact measurements of your project (kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, etc.) Creating a template with a digital machine leaves much less margin for error than if measured by hand. The laser template has accuracy second to none and works in conjunction with our other technology to give you a precise finished product.

Once the template is complete our sales staff will calculate the quantity of stone or quartz needed for your project, along with any custom details you would like added, and will create a final proposal for you. Your sales representative will help you select the edge profile and sink that best matches the aesthetic in your home. We go over the installation process, what you will need to do to in preparation, and answer any and all questions you may have. Always feel confident to ask for clarity if you need additional information; Superior Granite employees give excellent customer service and are here to help you navigate this experience.

When you are ready to schedule an installation your sales person will take a 50% deposit, the balance will be due the day your project is completed. You may wait to schedule your installation until after your template is completed so you know exactly how much material will be needed. You can also pay a deposit based on a preliminary estimate calculated using plans or measurements you have provided. Some customers choose this route so they will have less time between their template/measurement and installation.

After your final proposal is signed and released the fabrication process begins. We download each template into our CNC machines and our technicians cut each piece to perfection. Just like a well oiled machine, our shop operates as an assembly line to complete every step of the fabrication process. The material is cleaned, cut, and drilled for any cut outs for your finished installation. The edge profile you selected will be applied along with any finishing touches before we install. Very little fabrication is done at the jobsite to prevent unnecessary dust or mess in your home.

Our scheduler calls the day before your installation to give you an ETA for our crew the following day. If you are replacing existing countertops our crew will remove and load the old material for disposal offsite. They work hard to communicate with customers during the installation process and address any questions you may have. After your new countertops are installed they clean the work area and seal any natural stone used in your project. A typical installation is completed within a few hours, depending on the size of the job.

The pride we feel from our reviews and customer satisfaction is the motivation we use to continue honing our craft and getting better every day. It would be our pleasure to work with you and we look forward to assisting you with your next project!

Superior Granite has three convenient locations and our sales staff is ready to help you find the perfect material for your home. Call or come by and we will make this an experience you’ll feel good about.


Preparing a granite slab for the scanning process.
Scanned slab moving to the shop for fabrication.
Early stages of the fabrication process with CNC machines.
Drilling/cutting out areas where sinks or drop in cook tops will go.
Finishing sink and edge profile.
Polishing the backsplashes.
Final polish on the edge profile.
Loading finished pieces to be installed.

Our Satisfied Customers

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