Why Quartz? Find Out With Us!

atlas quartz in kitchen

Over the past decade, manufactured quartz countertops having increasingly gained in popularity in both commercial and residential applications. This is primarily due to the wide variety available and how easy quartz countertops are to maintain compared to their natural stone counterparts. Quartz slabs are manufactured through a process that combines natural quartz ground to the consistency of sand and bound with a small amount of polymer to create a solid surface. Because the quartz slabs are manufactured, they are non-porous and thus less likely to harbor bacteria or mildew, making them ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications. Quartz slabs do not need to be sealed and are stain and scratch resistant. This makes quartz particularly appealing to the homeowner who is looking for both practicality and design.

Superior Granite has the largest inventory of both natural stone and quartz slabs on the Gulf Coast. We also stock our own private label of quartz slabs, Atlas Quartz, which gives us the opportunity to offer our customers options they won’t see anywhere else. We’ve worked hard to curate a collection of material from modern to traditional, colorful to muted, with options at every price point to suit our customer’s taste and budget. Our knowledgeable sales staff will explain the potential benefits and drawbacks of each material and help you select what works best for your home. Please call or stop by one of our three locations and let us guide you into custom designing your unique space.

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