Sol Dourado

Quartz Countertops: Just the Facts

Are you considering upgrading your kitchen or bathroom countertops? If so, quartz countertops might just be the perfect choice for you. Quartz countertops are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners due to their durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of quartz countertops and why they are a fantastic…

Natural Stone Countertops: Adding Texture to Your Everyday Life

Technology allows us more choices than ever before in almost every aspect of the design process whether renovating, remodeling, or building a new home from the ground up. An exciting new option for natural stone countertops has emerged and is gaining in popularity as it becomes more accessible to natural stone distributers. The same way your wall paint is available in a variety of finishes, natural stone slabs can be polished, honed, or textured to your preference, giving you myriad options with one color. We will explore the different textures available for natural stone slabs and the techniques used to obtain them.

Fantasy Brown | Superior Granite

FANTASY BROWN…”What IS this stuff?”

FANTASY BROWN – “What IS this stuff?” If you’ve visited any reputable slab yard of late chances are you’ve seen the beautiful Fantasy Brown. As gorgeous as she is popular, Fantasy Brown is the head cheerleader of the natural stone world. It’s being used with increasing frequency because of its unique ability to pull both warm…

Atlas Quartz | Superior Granite

Why Quartz?

Over the past decade, manufactured quartz countertops having increasingly gained in popularity in both commercial and residential applications. This is primarily due to the wide variety available and how easy quartz countertops are to maintain compared to their natural stone counterparts. Quartz slabs are manufactured through a process that combines natural quartz ground to the…