Different Qualities of Granite

First Quality | Superior Granite


First Quality stones have no natural flaws such as cracks, large veins that do not belong in the particular type of stone, and large rocks that do not match the stone. First quality stones are known to have a very consistent pattern and color running through the entire piece. The surface will be free from any defects that can be prevented, and the durability of the stone will be the strongest.

Second Quality | Superior Granite


Second Quality stones have natural veining that might make the presentation look inconsistent. There may be small to medium rocks in the stone that do not match the pattern and there may be small cracks somewhere near the edges of the stone. Some stones that are considered second quality will have a less consistent surface texture or pattern. These stones can be used by fabricators who can and would be willing to work around any natural flaws.

Top Star Granite Third Quality


Third Quality stones may be seen with lots of natural veining that does not match the surface, or can be seen with large rocks that stand out and do not look consistent with the rest of the material. Commercial quality also may have a completely different look from one side to the other, making it difficult to fit multiple pieces together. This quality type is best used in areas that will only be using small pieces that can work around the multiple flaws and that are intended for a very low price. This type of stone is usually not requested in the United States for any surface covering.