Brazil’s Mascarello Granite

Mascarello Granite: Exotic Beauty from Brazil

Mascarello granite is a bold beautiful mix of browns, vibrant gold and soft cream colors with splashes of black. The beauty of this natural stone is really brought out by the dramatic patterns and accented by flecks of silver. Over the course of millions of years, the iron oxides have oxidized, producing the vivid golds and browns.
Mascarello granite comes from the quarries Espirito Santo, which is a state in Brazil. Presently, Brazil is ranked third in the world in granite exports. In 2014 more than 50% of the granite imported into the United States came from Brazil. Brazilian granite is expected to increase in worldwide natural stone market share. This is due to the expanding focus on producing a more finished product and more efficient processes.
Mascarello slabs are often book-matched. Book-matched slabs are cut and polished in sequence, to provide a continual flow of the natural pattern of the stone. Book-matched slabs are mirror images of each other. This is a good article on bookmatching for inquisitive minds. During the polishing process Epoxy resin is used, to fill small pits, cracks and fissures the stone may have, however, the stone is not weakened by the process. The polishing is done with various grades of metal plates and bricks of silicon carbide, ultimately producing the glass-like finish we normally associate with granite countertops. In some instances, however, it is desired to leave the stone more course and less polished.

Mascarello Granite: Care and Maintenance

Since granite is a natural stone, and should be sealed. The sealant does not provide an impenetrable barrier on the surface of the stone, it is more of protection against staining. Granite can be sealed with a high-quality penetrating sealant. Incidentally, day to day cleanup is a breeze, simply use mild soap and water on a sponge then rinse. Light buffing with a soft rag will make your Mascarello countertop dazzle.

Mascarello Granite from Superior Granite of Pensacola, FL

Mascarello granite is simply a beautiful stone. The dramatic patterns and highlights ensure that Mascarello will be the centerpiece of any room. We would love to talk with you about Mascarello granite. In the meanwhile, please view more samples of granite, marble, quartzite and other natural stone on our granite countertops


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