Magma Gold Granite

Magma Gold Granite is another one of the breath-taking granite colors. Bold and dramatic, with stark sweeping rivers of color flowing through the slab. Each slab will be different, of course. Another great aspect of getting book-matched slabs. You can see many great examples of this beautiful stone at Houzz. Granite with such vivid constrasts of pattern are often hard to match. In fact, you should always examine your slabs first-hand.
The distinctive color mix of this stone is usually a good match for lighter accent colors. Light oak, maple, and the such compliment the stone. This is a very complex stone. It is a colorful blend of golds, blacks, creams, and rusts. The color movement of this granite is striking. The lighter shades seem to flow through the slab. The grains are fine to medium, in contrast to some of the more common colors. Some slabs are predominately dark, while others are predominately light. The trend has shifted to darker predominance, in recent years.
magma gold granite

Magma Gold Granite

Magma Gold Granite is quarried in Brazil. A substantial amount of our imports of this granite color come from Parana and Santos Espirito. This adds to the cost, of course. This is no run-of-the-mill stone. It practically screams “prestige”. Granite from Brazil is prized for its bold, exotic coloring, and Magma Gold is a fine example.

Magma Gold Granite

This beautiful granite color fits nicely with the Gulf Coast lifestyle. Particularly for kitchen islands, countertops, and bars. The pattern flow makes it interesting when matching seams. The results, however, can be very gratifying.
In summary, this exotic beauty from Brazil will definitely capture attention. Its rich color contrasts draw the eye, and holds it. The stone demands admiration, and gets it. Leathered is an excellent finish for this granite, though polished is also very suitable.

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