Granite Edging Makes Beautiful Countertops

The many styles of granite edging go from the subtle to the bold. When you choose to add flair to your granite countertops, edging can be exactly what you are looking for. From a simple bevel to the ornate Versailles, granite edging comes in a diverse array of styles for just about any taste.
More elaborate edging usually require thicker cuts of granite. Sometimes it can be really difficult to choose from the varied options available, so a few of the most popular will be described below.

Varieties of Granite Edging


The first style on the list is the bullnose. It is one of the most well known of the many edging profiles. The bullnose profile is severely rounded. For this reason, it adds safety to beauty. granite with bullnose edgingThe full-bullnose, demi-bullnose and half-bullnose are variations. The rounded nature of bullnose not only provides added safety by eliminating, or greatly reducing, the traditional sharp corners, it also reduces the chance of chipping or breaking the granite.


The bevel profile, in contrast, has corners. It is usually a cut of 45 degrees, but there are variations. The cut can be on top, on the bottom, or both. The bevel edge is attractive in its design, granite with bevel edgingproviding straight lines as opposed to rounded or curved lines. The part of the edge that is not beveled can be either straight or combined with another edging, such as Ogee or half-bullnose.


ogee granite edgingThe ogee has been used in design since ancient time. Rome and Greece architecture, for example, as well as English Gothic architecture. An Ogee edge consists of a concave arc flowing into a convex arc, with vertical ends.


versailles granite edgingIf you want to go for elegance,the versailles edge fills the bill with its graceful beauty. The cut starts and ends with sheer vertical faces, that are joined with a smooth curve. French Baroque architecture is the basis for the alluring versailles profile.


radius granite edgingRadius is a geometric term, and of course, when talking about granite edges, geometry and symmetry play a crucial role. In this sense, radius refers to how round the corner is. For example, a 1/4″ radius cut would be half as “rounded” as a corner with a 1/2″ radius cut. A full inch radius cut would have twice the “roundness” of an 1/2″ radius corner. Either one corner, as shown in the illustration to the right, or both top and bottom corners can have the radius edge.


chiseled granite edgingLooking for something bold and dramatic? A chiseled granite edging might suit you. It adds a touch of the rustic by avoiding the smooth, obviously man-made sculpted edge. A chiseled granite edging looks rough, but can be smoothed to a degree.

Granite Edging: Your choice is a reflection of you.

The granite edging styles listed here are a few of the many. Combining different profiles gives you a completely different look. From sleek and simple to elaborate and ornate, the number of variations is quite large. You can learn more about granite by visiting this site: All About Granite

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