Granite Colors to Delight

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Granite Colors: Amazing Array

Granite colors come in such an amazing array. The likelihood of not finding one that appeals to you is low. From the darkest black to the whitest of whites, the distinctly different choices are near endless.

Granite Colors: Blacks

Black granite, as a matter of fact, is not granite. What is commonly called “Black granite”, is actually gabbro. Gabbro has the minerals pyroxene, plagioclase, amphibole, as well as small amounts of olivine. Granite is primarily quartz and feldspar. Neither quartz, nor feldspar is black. So granite is not black.

granite colors: black

Granite Colors: Blues

Granite is not blue! Stones advertised as blue granite could be any number of stones, such as Larvikite. Anorthosite, likewise, is often sold as blue granite.

blue granite

Granite Colors: Whites

The primary components of white granites are quartz and feldspar. Because of that, granite will never be completely white. White granite is basically the entry-level color. You get other colors from the addition of specific minerals. Contrasting dark specks often seeen in white granites are commonly partially formed grains of amphibole. Quartz crystals in particular, are larger if allowed more time to cool. While faster cooling means smaller chrystals.

granite colors: white

Granite Colors: Pinks

Potassium Feldspar is a salmon colored mineral. It is what gives pink granites their dominating color. Small grains of milky white, semi-transparent quartz and opaque white feldspar are often major components. The more pink a particular sample has, the higher percentage of potassium feldspar.

Pink granite

Do you prefer the bold and dramatic? Slabs with large grains and swirling patterns are beautiful. The swirls and stark contrasts found in Mascarello or Golden Storm, for example, are breath-taking. The shear variety of granite makes it appealing. Granite is so popular that other stones are marketed as granite. As a final point, always deal with a reliable importer. Ask questions and above all, don’t be rushed into making a decision.
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